Our History

At Anu's Home Bakery we take great pride in the quality of our work being fully committed to the satisfaction of our customers who became our challenge, inspiration and motivation.

Taste and Quality

We use only high quality raw materials and our production team uses the raw materials only after they are tested and approved by the in house quality team. Our quality team performs the quality analysis and shares the feedback with the production team.

Welcome to the Delicious world of Anu's Baked Delights

We are enjoying the craft and art of baking and we are happy to share these with our patrons. We believe that being innovative is equally important as to follow the culture and heritage of family tradition in baking craft.


Meet Our Team

The Subramaniam Family

Often described as the lazy trio but it is a determined fact that they are the moost intelligent.

The Bakery Mama

A seasoned champion with granduer and panache. Never is satisfied until perfect.

The Family Blot

Can't seem to diss him enough, but still a family is a family even if it is useless.